• 1 | Introduction
  • 2 | Hero Stats
  • 3 | Skill Overview
  • 4 | Skill Builds
  • 5 | Itemization Overview
  • 6 | Other Notes
  • 7 | Conclusion

1 | Introduction

For a long time now, CK has been stuck in core hero limbo. Sure, it’s nigh impossible to forget the CK+Io pairing of yore…

You can access an adapted in-game version of this guide at the Steam Workshop.

Razor…is a weird hero. I know, interesting way to start a guide, but hear me out.

Historically labeled an ‘anti-carry’, Razor was mainly used to dominate the lane, be a tanky presence which got exponentially more…

Disclaimer: I’m not the best player in the world, but I can introduce you to some ideas and concepts that you might not have thought of if you’re a lower level player.

Striving to solo carry every game is a terrible idea that will lose you games, but some games…

I will again preface this by saying I am not a top tier Dota 2 player. I peaked at a mere 4.8k (and am currently about a hundred MMR below that), but I’d like to share my thoughts on a role that hasn’t been talked about too much in Dota…

I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m far from a good Dota player. Sitting at roughly 4.6k MMR, most of the things I talk about shouldn’t be taken as fact — I’m just providing food for thought.

There were multiple significant changes to Ember Spirit in 7.00 (and…


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